Statement from people from evicted Nikis Squat (Thessaloniki)


At the dawn of the 27th of July, you and your government invaded three squats which hosted refugees and immigrants in Thessaloniki. At the same time you arrested 75 sympathizers from Greece and Europe while you sent the refugees to concentration camps, some of which did not accept them due to full occupancy. So you left them in the middle of nowhere.

Because the squats of “Orfanotrofeio” and “Hurriya” have their own political voice, and we don’t want to displace it, we will remind you as the squat of “Leoforos Nikis 39”, some facts that we are sure you already know.

The “Leoforos Nikis 39” squat was born trough the revolt of December 2008 and it was the first housing squat for people who took part at this political movement and had real housing problems. Integrated in these breadths it claimed, through an abandoned building, the decent living for those who participated, reappraising the meaning of public space. For this reason it accommodated all these years hundreds of activists and demonstrators, not only from Greece, but from the hole world. When the refugee crisis occurred, it opened in order to greet and cohabitate coequally with the most vulnerable of them, families with children. At the same time it acceded into a system of medical and alimentary care which had been created from the beginning of Eidomeni. Against these people at the dawn of Wednesday the 27th of July you reserved for one more time the nightmare they tried to avoid, crossing as thousands others, the Aegean.

Before you took the power, we welcomed you to its hell, from where unable to escape you accepted the responsibility to conduct it. Saturated by statism and governism, you duplicate the ruins of loyalist policy, because you did not manage to achieve anything new. This state of emergency conquered you because it can’t be reestablished. The moto “left for the first time” it’s true, but not in the way you were selling it bravading abroad and infield but in the way we experience it. Whatever the rightwing didn’t dare to do, you committed to do it bearing the cost of the apologies. Not only you are every word of the constitution but you grow rapidly in every word of law and order.

For these choices you have allies and many of clowns to accept this role. With your view about Evros fence, your acknowledgement of Turkey as a safe country, with the governmental administration of refugee crisis in the way of concentration camp, you liberated the disputatious and ultraconservative reason. Boutaris, Kaminis, the deanship of A.U.TH. and church, appeared in agreement in order to support you.

Besides, it’s not the first time, because we saw you when the war against the solidarians blew up in the middle of the refugee crisis. Then you realized that solidarity take forms far from you, from state and the nongovernmental organizations and you immediately attacked it. But the deaths and the infection take place at the governmental structures. What did you not understand by the death of the 27 year old girl at the “SOFTEX” concentration camp?
We are aware that the invasion against the squats was the states answer about the “No Border” Festival. We also know that you want to bring solidarity under the rules of concentration camps and that’s the reason you placed a implausible warhorse (Toskas) to give us hints and tips. But you probably ignore that we are neither romantics nor life style rebels.
Self-management and its structures, the participatory and coequal solidarity for a world which cannot exist without the “others”, direct democracy, social justice, and the struggle for social antiauthority, it’s alive and it’s here opposing you.

See you at the streets.

P.S.: What can we say about these who alter from political personalities to authority’s pragmatism sidekicks.

Squat of ” L. Nikis 39″

Mihalis Haritelis
Odysseas Dermatas
Sandra Hook
Dionisis Koutloglou
Grigoris Tsilimantos
Nikos Hatzis
Niki Dimitriadi
Anna Karageorgiou
Xanthi Parashidou
Olga Papadimitriou
Mihalis Vlahos
Markos Proveleggios
Vasilis Papadopoulos